Coding camps/workshops in the school will be organized for 2 or 3 days durations so that the students learn more about coding from teachers during these workshops. These camps will be organized to make intensive work on students’ online platform projects and to prepare projects they will encode with international student matches. Through these workshops, students will be able to produce projects with their peers who are interested in coding like them, participate in various competitions and exhibit their projects under the guidance of their teachers.

Thanks to these activities, students increased self-confidence, improved their coding skills and developed more comprehensive and solution-oriented projects with their friends. They received evaluations and comments of experts by exhibiting their projects.

 In addition, a role model event held by each partner by inviting an expert entrepreneur to this activity. The expert entrepreneur shared his life story and achievements on coding and programming area with the students. This role model activity was an inspiration for the students.


One of the most important activities for the project to be implemented internationally is international student matches. Students working in the coding camp in the school were matched and paired with the students from the partner schools in other countries and work online coding studies/projects together. This is the most innovative activity of the outputs. Thanks to this activity, students produced projects with their peers in different countries and provided with peer learning in international collaborative learning environments. Students participating in the activity had the pleasure of producing international projects and found opportunities to develop their social networks internationally by meeting with coders from different EU countries. Through all these international events, students communicated in foreign languages and improved their language skills.

Five partners (Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain) participated in the event with 34 students. The activity lasted 3 months. In this process, students communicated via e-mail, codeisloading platform and discord. Six projects have been created by the students in international cooperation. The projects are:

GroupTopicsPartner CountriesProgramming LanguageParticipantsThe Link
1st GROUPIntroduce your countryTurkey
Html+Css Umut Kızıloğlu 
Fidan Erim
Emre Çalışkan
Balog Péter
Henrique Ramos
Edo Santos
Daniel Bagagem
Henrique Soares
2nd GROUP Introduce your country Turkey
Html+Css Emin Erce
Semih Rodoplu
Tóth Bálint
Gál Gyöngyvér
Pedro Jesus
Thiago Santos
João Silva
Francisco Ferraz
3rd GROUPCodeisloading What does it mean to you? Poster DesignTurkeyPhotoshopOnur TAKSAK
4th GROUPA Circuit Design with ArduinoTurkeyTinkercadMustafa YAVAŞ
5th GROUPA Game Design Turkey
Scratch Ebrar Akçaseven
Fazlıcan Pehlivan
Babics Oszkár
Etlényi Szonja
Pásztor Rajmund
Rafael Ribeiro
Saúl Santos
Gabriele Di Blasio
Gianluigi Restaino
Felice Potenza
6th GROUPA Game DesignTurkey
Scratch Ebrar Akçaseven
Fazlıcan Pehlivan
Semih Arslan
Mert Koçlar
Víctor Burón
Guillermo Martínez

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