Today’s era in which the concept of “internet of things” begins to spread to all areas of life, is called “digital age” and it is very easy to achieve everything with “a click” today. One of the indispensables of the digital age is “internet” and the other one is “the code” which is the basis of all technologies. The importance of coding and software is being felt more and more day by day. With the open-source ‘code education and sharing platform’ which is formed within the scope of our project and operate internationally, it is aimed to develop the knowledge and skills in the coding field for all users, especially students in different countries in the world.

The online platform in which students and users who are interested in coding and programming from different countries can learn about coding thanks to the videos, documents, e-learning tools, webinars and they will jointly produce coding projects in mutual interaction and communication around Europe. The platform is open-source, free access and an innovative tool because users will be able to exhibit their coding projects and receive comments and liking about them internationally. With different language supports this platform is the social media and network of coding around the world.

in ;

  • Watch coding and software training videos in different languages!
  • Improve coding and software knowledge with e-learning tools!
  • Participate in the webinars to be organized periodically!
  • Show and exhibit your software and projects in different coding languages in an international platform, get likes and comments!
  • Complete unfinished projects!
  • Get together with coding enthusiasts from different countries!
  • Improve your digital literacy!
  • Improve your foreign language skills!
  • Join to the competitions and win prizes!
  • Inspire coding enthusiasts from different countries!

       In a nutshell,

     show yourself in coding and software! To reach the online coding platform please click

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