Törökbálint,HUNGARY / https://balintsuli.hu

Bálint Márton Általános Iskola és Középiskola is a complex institution – a primary, a grammar and a vocational school at the same time – with more than 1300 students and almost 130 teachers. We have vocational classes specialised in ICT and in catering for 4 more years. All the grammar and the vocational students start with a language preparatory year at the age of 14. Thus their level of English is good enough to take part in international cooperations from the age of 15.

The building for the upper-primary and the secondary school students was built in 2013. So it is very modern and fully equipped with interactive white boards, three IT labs, and other necessary facilities. The students start learning IT in the lower primary classes, and even those are intereseted in activities connected to computers and coding who are not specialised in this field.

BMÁKI have taken part in several successful European projects since 2004, and this European dimension, the neverending improvement and innovation have always played an important part in our work.