Agrupamento De Escolas Domingos Sequeira (AEDS/CCEMS)

Leiria, PORTUGAL /

In Portugal, Public Training Centres do not have financial autonomy – it’s a national administrative matter related to their legal status. For that reason, Portuguese Public Training Centres are part of school clusters and have to be based in these institutions as if they were a department of a company. That is to say, although the Teacher Training Centres are independent entities they share both the PIC and the VAT number with the schools they are associated to. In this case, the Competence Centre “Entre Mar e Serra” (CCEMS)   is associated to the school Escola Secundária Domingos Sequeira in Leiria. In short, only the school can have a PIC number and is entitled to be a partner in financed projects. However, this is purely an administrative matter since the real partner in this application is the Teacher Training Centre CCEMS.

The Competence Centre “Entre Mar e Serra” (CCEMS) is a Teacher Training Centre –  a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education which has been promoting innovative projects in the educational field with special focus on ICT, since 1998.  The Centre provides structured training courses not only to  the teachers of its 8 associated schools but also to other  300 schools in the whole country, thus reaching  around 2000 teachers annually. Over the years, the Centre has worked with hundreds of Portuguese schools inland and settled abroad, having been awarded national prizes related to innovation, namely in the European range Competition “ e-Skills for Jobs 2014 – Young Digital Talent.”