3rd Transnational Meeting

The third meeting of CODE IS LOADING project has been held in Törökbálint, Hungary in 25th – 26th of November, 2019. The hosting organisation was Bálint Márton Általános Iskola és Középiskola (BMAKI). The meeting venue was the Fekete János Hall of Bálint Márton Általános Iskola és Középiskola.

 At the beginning of the meeting, the teachers and the project coordinators of BMAKI Nánási Krisztina and Sárköziné Jávorcsik Mária has welcomed the participants. After their short introduction, the head director of the school Kezsler Marton came to the meeting hall and welcomed the participants and made a speech.

After a nice introductory part, all partners made a presentation of the videos and the documents which were prepared for the e-learning section of the online coding platform. After the lunch break, the participants moved to the IT laboratory which is prepared by BMAKI for applied activities about webinar and code is loading online platform. The second part of the meeting started with the presentations of AOS MTAL from Turkey. AOS MTAL team introduced the online coding platform (the second intellectual output) which is designed and produced by themselves. Eda KOŞAR made a demo application with the participation of the audience. After the demo application, she made a presentation about the webinar platforms.  Following the presentations of all partners, the coordinator of code is loading project Hüseyin Şahin made a presentation to summarize the process so far and the tasks and the activities to be done after the meeting.

After the first day’s sessions ,the participants joined to the city tour guided by Nánási Krisztina and Sárköziné Jávorcsik Mária. The participants also had the chance the free time after city tour until dinner.

On the second day of the meeting ;

The participants start to the day with the school visit. They visited departments, classrooms, laboratories, sports hall and swimming pool of the school with the guidance of Nánási Krisztina and Sárköziné Jávorcsik Mária. After the school visit, the meeting proceeded with the planning of the LTT activity which will be in Turkey with the leadership of the Project coordinator. All the partners discussed the content of the LTT and it is decided that each partner will make a contribution to the LTT activity with a small workshop or training.

At the end of the meeting, all partner discussed new partnerships and new project ideas on the scope of Erasmus+ for the next call period (2020) with the moderation of Recap BATUR from Bursa MEM. After the certificate ceremony, all partners made departure with good memories and new tasks to do.


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