2- Teacher & Student Questionnaires


The point of views and the thoughts of the students and the teachers were analyzed with two different questionnaires. The achers questionnaires were applied to 25-30 teachers and the students’ questionnaires were applied to at least 100 students from each partner countries. The results were analyzed and the result report was prepared  by Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha.

The questionnaire on the awareness of what coding areas were used for, students’ interests, the purpose of teaching coding in schools, the areas where teachers recommend coding, the areas where coding should be widespread and the areas in which projects should be produced.

The Situation Analysis report is very crucial for the methodology of this project. because other outputs and training get their content and concept from Output 1. With this output, we aim to determine and analyze the online coding platform that can be used according to the needs of teachers and students. Because the online platform was created according to the needs of both teacher and students.

For the result report of teachers’ questionnaires


For the result report of students’ questionnaires


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