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An e-learning platform has also been created on for coding and software enthusiasts and those who need training on coding. You can find tutorial videos, webinar records, documents and useful links related to different coding languages. A3-TUTORIAL VIDEOS : Each partner except the coordinator set up a coding language (PHP, C# , C, Python, […]


Today’s era in which the concept of “internet of things” begins to spread to all areas of life, is called “digital age” and it is very easy to achieve everything with “a click” today. One of the indispensables of the digital age is “internet” and the other one is “the code” which is the basis […]

2- Teacher & Student Questionnaires

SITUATION ANALYSIS A2 (TEACHER & STUDENT QUESTIONNAIRES) The point of views and the thoughts of the students and the teachers were analyzed with two different questionnaires. The achers questionnaires were applied to 25-30 teachers and the students’ questionnaires were applied to at least 100 students from each partner countries. The results were analyzed and the […]

1-Curriculum Review

SITUATION ANALYSIS A1 (CURRICULUM REVIEW) Coding and programming in the curricula of partner countries were analyzed. The coding activities were demonstrated by partners in different countries. The aim of the output is to determine the status of the coding (programming ) in the curriculums and the studies carried out in the schools in different countries. […]

Second Transnational Project Meeting

The second Transnational Project Meeting of the project was held on 11 th  – 12 th  of June in Plymouth, England. At the meeting, all partners presented the analysis results of the questionnaires they applied to students and teachers in their countries. The partners presented their training videos about programming languages. The design of the platform was shared […]